Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Whether you are looking to:

You’ll need plenty of inspiration! After all, a kitchen is a vital space in a home. We use it at least three times every day. Creating a space that is functional and gives you joy is hugely important.

To help inspire you, we’ve collected a series of stunning before and after kitchen remodel photos that prove that anything is possible. If you are looking for kitchen remodel ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

1.) From Rundown to Chic

A fixer-upper home may sound great in theory. That is until it is time to actually fix it up.

If you’re feeling like your kitchen renovation seems like an impossible task, take inspiration from this dramatic kitchen transformation.

This space started out deeply outdated and closed off. The owners doubled the space by removing a wall and turning it into an open-concept kitchen. The flat front cabinets give this space a much more modern style. Adding counter stools allows this space to also function as a dining area.

We also love how much light can transform the feel of any kitchen. The large windows help the space feel open and airy.

before and after kitchen remodel rundown to chic

2.) 50 Shades of Gray Counters

This space started out with some good bones but needed updating to make it a functional space. The process started with adding in some gorgeous cabinets. We love the look of glass-front cabinets to help break up the space and allow you to show off your dinnerware.

The owners also added a kitchen island for more counter space. And while we’re at it, can we talk about those counters? These gorgeous gray granite counters keep the kitchen feeling serene while adding more interest than a fully white kitchen would.

We especially love how the gray countertops coordinate with the stainless steel appliances and tile backsplash. The owners opted for a smaller tile, which helps this kitchen feel larger, despite being limited in size.

before and after kitchen remodel grey counter tops

3.) Timeless Details

While white cabinets will never go out of style, we have to admit that we are partial to colored cabinets. They help bring character and interest to your space.

These homeowners split the difference by choosing a soft gray tone for their lower cabinets (similar to “Gray Huskie” by Benjamin Moore) while keeping the upper cabinets white. This allows a more seamless transition from the white subway tiles on the backsplash while still having color in the room.

These laminate countertops are designed to resemble wood to give your home a rustic look, with half the maintenance of traditional butcher block countertops.

before and after kitchen remodel upgraded details

4.) Small Kitchen Remodel

Looking for ways to maximize a small, cramped space? Look no further!

Many owners want to preserve the original features of historic homes while adding in modern elements. These owners were able to do this perfectly!

Refinishing the original hardwood floors makes a big difference to the overall feel of the space. It creates a warmth that can stand up to the creamy white cabinets.

The geometric lines of the cabinetry make this space feel more modern, while antique touches like the doorknob pay homage to the home’s beginnings.

before and after kitchen remodel small kitchen

5.) Add an Accent Wall

Looking for a way to take a space from “meh” to “marvelous?” Check out this accent wall inspiration.

For this kitchen makeover, the designer made the most of the room’s size by choosing small details that create a huge impact. While the kitchen only takes up a small corner of the house, it packs a big punch, with mid-century modern details in the wallpaper choice and decor. A single overhead cabinet provides extra storage while still allowing the room to feel open.

before and after kitchen remodel accent wall

6.) Sleek Retro Remodel

This tiny galley kitchen was still rocking cabinetry and appliances from the 1960s. The owner loved the vintage vibe but wanted something that was a little more eye-catching. 

When planning their DIY remodel, they knew they wanted a way to turn this cramped kitchen into an open space. They chose to take inspiration from the 70s by choosing wood-paneled cabinets. Stainless steel appliances were added to help make the space feel current.

before and after kitchen remodel retro remodel

7.) The Importance of Hardware

It can be easy to get lost in making big decisions when it comes to your kitchen remodel ideas. It’s important to remember how small choices can affect the entire room. This is evidenced in the before and after photos, where the kitchen is given brand-new hardware. This simple addition helps the whole room come to life. Hardware can help tie in appliances with your cabinetry and create harmony within the room.

We also want to point out how switching from a standard white subway tile to this sage green allows a fairly neutral-colored kitchen to become instantly more interesting.

before and after kitchen remodel hardware upgrade

8.) A Dramatic Difference

This kitchen went through a major transformation that changed it from a small, drab space to a magazine-worthy room. The key? Adding in windows helped this room reach its full potential. The natural light makes the whole space feel warm and welcome, despite the cool-toned color palette. 

Replacing the cheap cabinets with custom cabinets instantly elevates the room. We especially love that they opted for statement light fixtures that work functionally but also as decor.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out more kitchen remodel ideas here!

before and after kitchen remodel big difference

The First Step to a Stunning New Kitchen Remodel

Feeling inspired? It might be time to contact a professional kitchen remodeler in your area. They can offer you advice on what style will work best for your home and what you can expect to pay.

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