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The 4th of July brings a great opportunity to kick off the summer with an awesome party, a day on the lake, or just unwinding a little with an extra day off. With the 4th landing on a Monday this year, many people get a 3-day weekend. We wanted to drop a few ideas on how to fill that long weekend if you’re a homeowner.

Here are 5 easy home projects that can make your home feel new — and maybe save you some cash down the road on your home repairs.


Guys, paint isn’t just a decoration. It’s a “skin” on the home, protecting it from UV rays and water damage. Your paint job doesn’t just need to make your home look good. It is necessary to keep your home in good shape for years to come. If your paint is thin or peeling, get out there and repaint the house.


A new layer of mulch adds a look of freshness to your landscaping. Spread an inch or 3 on top of your landscaping and watch the compliments come in.

Mulch also keeps you from having to do a ton of weeding. Mulch will deprive weeds of oxygen and light and kill them. It’s also good for keeping moisture down in the soil, saving you from having to water and keeping your plants hydrated.


Spend a couple hundred bucks and a few hours staining your deck and/or fence. Yeah, it’s backbreaking labor, but it absolutely, 100% saves your wood. The longer you go without staining your deck or fence, the more likely it is that you’ll be replacing them in a few years. Don’t let your wood rot – seal it as soon as it starts to look faded.


Hey guys, cleaning the gutters is a 2-person job if you have a 2-story home. If you’re up high, get someone to hold the ladder. We all remember Clark Griswold and the Christmas lights in Christmas Vacation, right? Don’t fall off a ladder to clean your gutters.

However, you do need to clean your gutters a couple of times a year, especially if you have tall trees or items that will drop debris on your roof, or if you don’t have covered gutters. You can also use this time to make sure your gutters are in good shape.


Get out there and look for anything that could be harboring wasps, ants, spiders, mice, and other vermin. Don’t want them in your home? Don’t leave them stuff around the house to stay in.

Yard waste, tools, ladders, toys and stacked lumber are all places where pests hide out and prepare to invade your home. Firewood should always be at least 5 feet from your home AND elevated off the ground.

Also make sure that bushes and shrubbery are trimmed away from the home. These are bridges into your home when they touch your siding or windows.

Check your trash cans. Do the lids close tightly? Do they fall over easily? Then replace them. Also check your kiddie pools and birdbaths – they are places where mosquitoes breed and attack your guests and pets.