Did you know that the average American spends over 400 hours a year in the kitchen? For many people, the kitchen is the most used room in the home. It should be a space that is beautiful, functional, and enjoyable to spend time in.

It’s a lot of boxes for a single room to check. It’s no wonder that choosing a kitchen style feels daunting for many homeowners considering a remodel.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you might be wondering what style of kitchen would look best in your home. We’ve put together a guide of the ten most popular kitchen styles so that you can find the one that works best for you.

1) Farmhouse Style Kitchens

Farmhouse kitchens.

We see them everywhere these days. Popularized by design celebrities like Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” the farmhouse design style is beloved by many.

Farmhouse-style kitchens are characterized by their rustic details. These details create a cozy atmosphere that feels unfussy and lived in.

Farmhouse kitchens are famous for featuring natural materials like wood and stone. These decor elements anchor the room and allow you to be playful in other ways. Historically, the farmhouse style has relied on a neutral color scheme. Whites, grays, and beige give your kitchen a relaxing, calm atmosphere. These days, though, we see more and more people leaning into color!

kitchen styles traditional

2) Traditional Style Kitchens

You simply can’t go wrong with a traditional-style kitchen. After all, they are called ‘traditional’ for a reason. Traditional kitchens are timeless and free of dated trends.

Traditional kitchens use old-world details like molding and shaker-style cabinets to create a timeless feeling. That’s not to say that these kitchens feel old-fashioned! Modern details like sleek hardware and light fixtures keep the design firmly rooted in the present.

3) Modern Style Kitchens

If you want a kitchen that makes a statement, you might want to try a modern kitchen. Also referred to as a contemporary kitchen, modern-style kitchens are known for their strong lines and geometric shapes.

A modern kitchen takes a lot of inspiration from the mid-century modern design movement of the sixties. You’ll see a lot of the same shapes and color palettes. The difference is that a contemporary kitchen also incorporates minimalist principles. You won’t see knickknacks in this kitchen. Instead, many people choose to display the kitchenware that they use through open shelving.

Modern kitchens will usually choose smooth, slab-style cabinetry. Dark hues like navy blue can add interest and warmth to your cabinetry while still keeping its cool, modern edge.

4) Cottage Style Kitchens

Cottage kitchens share many style elements with farmhouse kitchens. A cottage kitchen has a sweet feel to it that farmhouse kitchens stay away from.

Many homeowners who gravitate toward this style opt for soft, light colors, such as robin’s egg blue and sage green. Combined with warm tones from copper and brass details and wood, these rooms feel particularly cozy.

When designing your cottage kitchen, don’t shy away from unusual vintage details, like glass cabinets and beadboard backsplashes.

5) Mediterranean Style Kitchens

Mediterranean style kitchens are gaining popularity among homeowners. It’s not hard to see why. These breezy, simple kitchens will have you feeling like you’ve woken up with the Tuscan sun streaming down on you.

Mediterranean kitchens often have a distinct color palate. Warm golden wood and earthy clay tones combined with crisp white cabinetry and walls keep these kitchens feeling more open than other styles.

Mediterranean kitchens are a great place to feature statement tile pieces. Whether that is a fabulous Morrocan-inspired tile backsplash or terracotta tiles for the floor, there are lots of opportunities for creative touches.

kitchen styles mediterranean

6) Transitional Style Kitchens

At first glance, transitional kitchens may look very similar to traditional kitchens. And while it’s true that they do share some characteristics, transitional kitchens tend to feature more modern details. In fact, this kitchen style incorporates many elements of other kinds of kitchen styles.

Like a modern kitchen design, transitional kitchens are largely free of visual clutter. This means minimal appliances are left out.

Transitional kitchens also pull from industrial kitchen styles. You’ll find lots of stainless steel appliances in these spaces. Cabinet pulls tend to be similarly sleek and in stainless steel or black.

7) Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial kitchens are bold and make a huge visual impact. They are characterized by their use of metals such as stainless steel and iron. Often these pieces are upcycled or distressed to help achieve a raw, edgy aesthetic.

Above all else, industrial kitchens are known for their functionality. They work best when built around an open-concept floor plan.

Industrial kitchens usually have darker color palettes. Navy blues, slate gray, and even black are featured. The room can be lightened up by incorporating warm woods and exposed brick.

8) Beach Style Kitchens

Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are on a beach vacation every day? With a beach-style kitchen, you can do just that!

Beach kitchen styles take inspiration from the ocean itself. Cabinets are painted in lighter colors, such as baby blue blue or teal, to evoke that feeling of being by the sea. Natural woods are reminiscent of sand and help to continue the beachy aesthetic.

Decorative touches such as rattan furniture, shells, and greenery really make an impact in kitchens like this. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

kitchen styles vintage

9) Vintage Style Kitchens

Love all things retro? You can express your personal style through a vintage-inspired kitchen.

Vintage kitchen styles are perfect for those who love color. Take inspiration from the candy-colored kitchen cabinets of the 50s, and opt for bold colors such as pink or yellow.

We love the contrast between these statement-making shades and a darker floor. Details like checkerboard vinyl tile will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into another era.

Don’t forget the appliances! Companies like Smeg make retro kitchen appliances that will instantly give you the vintage vibe you are looking for.

10) Craftsman Style Kitchens

Craftsman-style kitchens are one of the most beautiful kitchen styles out there. They combine the timeless elegance of traditional kitchens with the warmth of a cottage kitchen.

The key to achieving the signature craftsman style is to focus on high-quality cabinetry. Craftsman homes are known for their elegant woodwork, so it’s a good idea to focus on purchasing cabinets made out of wood rather than man-made materials. Darker color palettes look wonderful with the rich hues of the wood. Forest greens, burgundies, and dark blues work really well in craftsman kitchen styles.

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